A box full of box in a sky full of stars

What do you do?

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Load a Schwerer Gustav .80 centimetre railway cannon with several ferrets and launch it at the box

Apply a generous dose of crowbar, Freeman style

You just murdered a bunch of ferrets. I hope you’re happy.
The box is unfazed, it seems it’s stronger than you expected.

You put all your muscle into it, and only succeed in bending your crowbar into a pointy metal stick. Have you tried just opening the latches?

You put the pointy metal stick in your ultramax item storeatron 4000.

Ok that name sucks, let’s just call it your Inventory.

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put the box in inventory

How about thermite? That usually works?

Ram my head straight through the box because I am that dense.

@TetraZeta You put the box in the inventory.

@SweetToothArt You apply thermite to the box in yo- wait where’d the box go?

@mc_meiler What box?

drop the ???

That isn’t a ???, that’s a hole.

You guys suck at opening this box. I’m gonna ban everyone in this thread if it isn’t open by next uptime.


Climb inside the “inventory” and peek inside the hole

If I can’t open this box, then no one can. BOH Bomb Time.

wait theres a key there, put key in inventory

Throw the key down the hole and fire several tactical thermonuclear warheads down it, then head to the nearest mcdonalds.