Antfolk, A potential replacement for Flypeople (except for teleporter incidents.)

I had this idea over in the shitposting channel on the discord, but what if we had Antfolk instead of the Flypeople that aren’t really used much ingame (It is still possible, but that is in the rare instance that someone fails to calibrate a teleporter, after making said teleporter (which in itself is dated), and generally when they do have that kind of tech they also have the part upgrades that make calibration very hard to fuck up.).

I have alot of ideas on what would be unique to them, here are just a few of them that stick out:

  • Strong Haulers, they get less slowdown from stuff like bodies, dufflebags, ect.
  • More Arms, Less Digits, this means they require their extra arms to work in tandem to preform fine dexterity actions like everyone else (like pulling the trigger of a gun or activating an energy sword), however these extra limbs do give the benefits of better hauling (as stated above), being able to carry heavy things like Crates, and interacting with stuff like buttons while their hands are full.
  • Bug Biology, similar to flypeople, Rachnids, and Moths, not that unique but still notable!
  • Their Eyes are considered like Snail eyes when it comes to sunglasses, however they are mostly protected from particulates in the air (Sandstorms? Perhaps Pepperspray).
  • Take a page from DCSS (Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup) and make them be effected weirdly by teleporters, I am not saying make them immune to teleporters, but perhaps make it so they have a wider range of deviation when teleporting, or they come short when teleported.
  • Take a page from Thri-Kreen in Tabletops and let them have a material they can produce via certain means called Amber, which can be used as a Glassy material or making Tribal Weapons.
  • They breathe through their exoskeleton, while this doesn’t affect their internals except perhaps requiring them to have a larger air flow rate, it does give them a pseudo gas mask effect where contaminants in the air can’t enter them (Except maybe plasma).
  • Royalty Mechanics, keeping this mechanic vague on purpose to spark more ideas from other people.

Sounds like a pretty good idea, however i will thank you because this thread mentioning dungeon crawl stone soup got me to check it out, and got me into it.

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What can I say? I have class and an addiction to roguelikes.