AsciiSquid's Gallery of Doodles

A collective archive of various doodles, drawings, memes and shitposts made by your local squid.

Shiptest Lobby Art - 5/13/2021

THINK, CLOWN - 5/12/2021

Moth Hair Removal - Various Dates

Various Felinids - Various Dates

FEAR ME ZETA - 8/12/2021

Moth Server Maintenance - 5/20/2021

Pain_AAA - 9/16/2021

stDoodles - Various Dates

This one had to be scaled down significantly to avoid major compression as the original was 4096x4096 in size. If there is any segment you would like reposted at higher quality, just ask.

Plasma > Lizard - 10/10/2021


It seems sufficiently large images get automatically compressed. If anyone wants a specific segment of the doodle posts in higher quality just request it.

These are really good. I still want to know what’s going on in the background of the plasmaman and lizard one.

You will never know.

i see rylie in the fourth image. Good CMO times