Ban Appeal - Slurge


IC NAME: Seren Highwater
DATE OF BAN: 2022-06-18
DURATION OF BAN: 2022-06-18, 03:19:26 to 2022-06-19, 03:19:26

YOUR APPEAL: I do not believe this ban was justified. The admin accused me of lying to them despite me saying " if i recall correctly" two seperate times while responding to a question, which leaves room for accidental error/mistakes in what i remember happening and not intentionally lying. The admin chalked up the entire situation to me saying “i had no non-lethals” instead of taking into account everything else i had said. I was told i would get a dayban without being allowed or having time to explain the situation further than just in-game logs. I have no previous notes or bans, nor any other kind of player complaint. The player in question was revived by either a player or admin after i “left them for dead” despite telling other people on the planet to help them. I personally feel like this could have been a warning and i could have been told to just go back and revive the person. I would like the note removed from my account if possible.

It’s late for me, but I’ll investigate this tomorrow.

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Hey there, banning admin here. Sazabi’s asked me to handle this appeal, so I’m doing so now.

So the reason I banned you wasn’t because I felt like you lied in your ahelp. I was - and still am - a little confused as to how you forget about shooting someone four times before they attack you back, but I didn’t really have any evidence proving you were intentionally lying so I neglected to mention it in the ban reason.

The reason why you were banned was because I felt you failed to provide adequate reasoning as to why you killed the person in the first place in addition to making no attempt - saying over common ‘please revive this guy if you can’ without bringing them to a ship and just leaving them doesn’t count as an attempt.

In your ticket, you said that the reason why you killed them was because they ‘came at you’. This, as far as I can tell, is untrue as you managed to shoot them four times with a Winchester before they were able to even attempt to attack you once. This led me to believe that you instigated the fight rather than acting in self-defense.

If you could provide some more in-depth insight as to why you killed the person and why you chose to let them rot with nothing more than a side note as to their demise, I may be willing to lift the note (or at least lift the ban itself) if your reasoning checks out.

When they “came at me” , they extended their baton and went towards me. I had seen them try to capture the other guy who they had been fighting with the same baton. I didn’t want to end up in cuffs, so yes, i shot them. After that, they proceeded to try to dragnet me, and i retaliated. He retreated to a cell and said that he needed medical attention, which, i let him do. Instead of going to medical to treat himself, he attempted to grab the person he had cuffed and was escaping, while he was bleeding out. I was wrong to leave him, but i also believe he was wrong to try to re-capture his prisoner while he needed immediate medical attention.

This ban isn’t about what the victim did to his prisoner, so please don’t try to point fingers at him after the fact. This ban is about what you did and if it was warranted.

What you’ve just explained to me is that you killed someone because they walked towards you with a nonlethal weapon. As you surely know, simply brandishing a weapon doesn’t make you valid - surely you’ve seen people waltz around with much more dangerous weapons all the time. Still, had you at least said something along the lines of ‘Hey, back off or sheath the baton!’ before resorting to shooting at him, you would have a much better base to stand on.

So far you’ve just made me more secure in my ruling. Again, this ban isn’t about what the guy did to his prisoner - it’s about what you did to the guy and what the guy did to you.

In my eyes, him trying to hit you with an energy bola (he did fire an energy bola and not a dragnet, but they’re under the same tree so close enough) is an entirely reasonable response to being shot in the face four times. On the flip side, shooting someone four times because they walked towards you with a baton is not a valid response.

Assuming you don’t reply within the next day or so, I’ll be going to go ahead and deny this appeal tomorrow morning. The ban has already expired, so by this point you’re just appealing the note attached to it.

Alright, it’s been a day and no response. Going to deny this appeal now.