Ban Appeals in discord

Discord Ban


Discord Username: Лечила#0754
Discord Nickname: Лечила
Discord User ID: 465917103115862025
Reason for ban: "racism, on other projects"
Why should you be unbanned?: I do NOT support racism, the nickname itself is the name 
of a subreddit that features artwork made using only the color white.  
And I love the color white.

For reference the name in question that lead to your ban was from SepticShock

This nickname was not used by me, the server moderation “did a little trolling” and changed /r/WHITE to this one. That’s fine for them, but not for me.

That’s definitely an issue with Septic Shock’s administration, but unless you were unable to change your nickname due to server perms it still seems like you were complicit, unless they blocked you from changing it back.

I can’t change my nickname back, it’s damned unacceptable, but why was I banned here for their actions? this is pointles.

We were under the assumption that you had picked that name by choice and banned as a measure of caution. I’ll talk to the other admins about unbanning you in light of this, but it might be wise to make better choices about what communities you affiliate with.

Thanks for the insight, I’ll be waiting!

Alright. We’re unbanning you, just be aware of how people might see you based on mutual communities in the future.

Need your discord username for the ban search please.

It is stated in the application itself. Thank you (Discord Username: Лечила#0754)