Boyardee-class Entertainment Vessel

This map doesn’t have extra data as it was already existent in the repo at the time of the forum’s creation.

Hi, I made this… this thing. Its layout kind of hurts me on a spiritual level right now, namely the tiny cargo bay and hydroponics bay. If anyone has suggestions to make this better in any way shape or form do tell me. No I’m not adding an autolathe.

The layout and hallway bar reminds me a lot of the late birdboat.

That is not a compliment.

I absolutely adore the boyardee and I wouldn’t mind at all maintaining it, I have already done two prs that are meant to make the boyardee a better ship

for the layout I feel like it adds to it, for visitors you simply walk into the ship and enjoy the food and drinks

for staff you get the feeling of a cramped kitchen while also trying to rush to make food

personally the major issue with the boyardee is that there is no “need” to go out and find customers to trade or sell food outside of getting an autolathe and setting up the research loop

overall if anyone has any suggestions to improve the boyardee I am completely willing to try and do them