BrawlerHorde - Mentor Application

Your CKEY: brawlerhorde

Your Discord: Brawler#0001

How long have you been playing SS13: Since mid-2019. I’m a Ssethtider, but I like to think I’m not a complete idiot.

Playtime: Probably in the neighborhood of 500+ hours across Bee, TG, Fulp, Shiptest, and Wh-te S-nds

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Anyone who was on the WS staff team can probably throw a vouch my way. I ended up co-hosting/headminning for WS.

Game Experience (More Detailed): Solid TGcode experience, mainly centered on medical, service, and command.

Apparently this is my job, so hello.
Experience looks good, and you go back a while.

Medical questions are common enough in my experience, so knowledge of that is good. Service on this server mostly pertains to botany (and sometimes bartending) so experience with New TG botany is probably also helpful to have.

One of the things that I remember from bee is questions on mentor apps, so here’s a few

  1. “Why isn’t my research server generating points?”
  2. “My friend died but I don’t have any surgical tools, how can I revive them?”
  3. “Why isn’t my cement working when I pour it onto things?”

I would first ask if the server was receiving power. You’d be surprised how often people forget.

Podperson cloning. No surgical tools required, just blood.

I’ve never actually worked with cement before, so I got nothing on this one.

Alright, these are shiptest specific questions so I’ll answer with shiptest game mechanics.

Servers don’t actually generate points on shiptest, instead acting as an anchor point that other machines need to be linked to.

Most ships don’t have access to botany, but a lot of them have access to ghetto surgical tools through the autolathe. I was expecting something like “screwdriver to start the surgery, then shard, screwdriver, hatchet, wirecutters, shard, lit stunprod.”

You need to dip sand (dug up from the ground) in cement to make it work as concrete, so that’s a pretty simple one.

All in all you seem to know a lot about SS13 as a whole, but perhaps lack context for shiptest specific questions (which these all were). I don’t have the final call, but if we were putting it down to a vote, I would abstain. No strong feelings one way or the other.

Fair enough. I’ll see what others have to say.