? Cheesinator Unban Appilcation

IC NAME: Riley Shaner
BYOND KEY: Cheesinator
DATE OF BAN: Sometime around last year, can’t check because server is down atm

REASON FOR BAN: It was something along the lines of “You are banned because of repeated aggressive behaviour, you are not roleplaying schizophrenia, you are fail roleplaying. your mindset of “HRP but I get murder people” is not ok.”
YOUR APPEAL: I broke SEVERAL rules back then like not RPing good, no RP standard, overly aggresive, etc. Reason why is just because I was really feeling burnt out, and was just not having a good time on Space Station 13. I swear I might’ve been going a bit insane (same thing over and over n’such). Also I did feel as if I was being bullied by all of the other people on the ships and such, but you know maybe they were all just playing a psychopath in space. I was too, here for the starting parts of shiptest, I even made a wikipage! (Revision history of "Bubble-class Colonial Ship" - Shiptest Wiki). And above all else, I am bored and would like something to do other than play Elden Ring

Denied, but I’ll look into accepting this later if you could get a vouch from a known MRP server. You have a history of appealing bans and then just getting banned again anyway, I want to see some proof of change.

this and another ban on goonstation are currently the only ones i’ve tried to appeal, dunno if I forgot or something fill me in on this


I know that, but I didn’t appeal that, I know I sound like im lying but deadass, I never made an appeal for the last one. And the first ban wasn’t a bomb dunno how they fucked THAT up

Sorry, but I’m just really not inclined to believe that at face value. Either way, the ruling stands. Come back with a vouch.

if it adds any credibility here’s that first perma

Well, admin might’ve made a mistake then. Either way, I still want you to come back with a vouch.

I don’t have any people to vouch for me, I’m not too keen on getting connections, so this one’s gon take a while. But just for now I’ll leave with this, Please? Pretty Please?


Screenshot (1914)
here’s my homie vouching for me, he plays Gmod DarkRP, that’s MRP right? seriously though how the fuck am I going to get a vouch, from a SERVER? can you elaborate on that one man?

Okay, consider this elevated to permanent ban with no appeal.

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