Coleminerman - Admin Application

Are you over 18?: Yes

BYOND Key: Coleminerman
Discord ID and Tag: coleminerman#2487
Usual IC handle(s): Dives-In-Lakes, States-The-Obvious
What’s your experience with SS13?: Been playing for about 4 years now, having played mainly on TG Sybil, Whitesands, and now Shiptest.
Any Administrative experience?: Spent a year and a half as one of the more active admins on the Barotrauma server BT Public, which was the most active server during the beta but died to host inactivity once the full release of the game came.
Timezone: US East Coast (UTC -5)
Availability (How much time can you dedicate to this position?): I can devote at least a round, usually two per uptime. On weekend uptimes I’m available almost the entire day. Hours are as follow: Weekdays: 9AM-12PM, 7PM-1AM (next day) / Weekends: 9AM-1AM (next day)
What’s your motivation for applying?: I want to help Shiptest out however I can. I love the server, and have been friends with a few of the staff since before it existed, and I want to do my part and make it even better. While I am also learning mapping for that purpose, this is a more immediate way that I have experience with in which I can help out.

Why do you think we should accept you over other applicants? Why do you think you are qualified? Why should we trust you?: I already have previous experience with adminning, and I’ve recently been really active within the community and have no intention stopping being such.

Why do you want to be a staff member?: As stated previously, I love Shiptest as a server and enjoy being a part of the community, and I want to do my part to make it better.
What qualities do have that make you valuable as staff member?: Previous experience administrating, a base level of experience with the actual admin event managing and other commands that SS13 provides, and during my previous experience administrating I’ve proven to have a level head and be impartial while making administration decisions.

What vision do you have for Shiptest, what do you want it to become in the future?: Shiptest is a great server, and has the potential to be even better. It’s the most fun I’ve had in SS13 in, well, years, and currently things I would change would really just be to add more factions, make the lore more impactful to the gameplay through the use of events, and also changing up how a few things work so that PVP is more available for players who want it, while still facilitating the ability to not partake, as I know there are many people in the community who have absolutely no interest in PVP, possibly even equal in numbers to those who do have an interest. I’d also like to facilitate more in-depth roleplay for people who wish to participate in that, though this is far less of something that needs to be worked on as on this server I’ve never actually had anything get in the way of RP so far.

+1, they have been a admin very early in shiptest’s lifespan

Approved. Welcome to the team.