COTD Sazabi -MinecrafterBoi - Ship looked too much like male genitalia

Server Ban

TOPIC NAME: COTD Sazabi -MinecrafterBoi - Ship looked too much like male genitalia

Example: [Francinum] - JimShit - Banned me for no raisin

BYOND KEY: MinecrafterBoi
DATE OF BAN: 7-15-2022


REASON FOR BAN: Overall LRP behavior. Redesigned their ship to look like a chode.
YOUR APPEAL: After reviewing the rule " * **No NSFW content.** This is not an ERP server, please take that somewhere else. Discussion is allowed *to an extent*, err on the side of caution. " With emphasis on the line "err on the side of caution", I have come to the understanding that I should have considered a ship with two rooms near the bottom, a main hallway and a bridge that flanges out at the front as Not Safe for Work Content. Ergo a bannable offense that I should have realized earlier on. My earlier understanding of the rule was that it only applied to explicit sexual roleplay on the server and did not extend to phallic or otherwise silly ship designs. Initially I took the resemblance of the modified pill ship to a "chode" to be merely lighthearted and humorous, however after reviewing the relevent documentation I have come to the conclusion that this was an example of unacceptable behavior and ideas, I deeply regret this mistake. 

This isn’t a correctly-made appeal, and also I asked you to come back with a vouch.