Discord - [any%#5784] - Stalkeros#1016 - Literally unironically banned me for no raisin

Discord Ban

Discord Username: Stalkeros#1016
Discord Nickname: Stalkeros
Discord User ID: 210024843070930945
Reason for ban: Alt of a person previously banned for insensitive nicknames in other servers.
#mod-log Case Number (if available): I wish I knew what this is.
Why should you be unbanned?: Because I am not an alt. I don't want to write an entire essay to explain why, but this is literally it. Me and the "accused insensitive nickname" person are two different people, and all of this is one big misunderstanding and trigger-happy admin.

The irony of me “not wanting to write an entire essay”, and then seeing this message got cut in half.

This was discussed internally.
A few matters were not discussed that arguably should have been.
You should be unbanned shortly