Discord Ban Appeal for xLouise#0386

Discord Ban

TOPIC NAME: Discord - [Unknown] - LforLouise - Banned for ‘speciesism’

Discord Username: xLouise#0386
Discord Nickname: xLouise
Discord User ID: 682744211883556896
Reason for ban: 'Speciesism' and (Apparently) refusing to stop after an admin told me to.
#mod-log Case Number (if available): N/A or Unknown
Why should you be unbanned?: **After ahelping** ingame to find the reason and banning admin for my ban, I learnt I was told to stop the conversation. The only thing even close to being told to stop was a project lead saying 'this is a poor attempt at irony' which I didn't take as being told to stop. If I was told to stop, I admit I was in the wrong, and quite possibly need glasses. I was also told that 'speciesism' has been used as a veil for actual racism - Why I would be considered a racist is beyond me, there should be no evidence supporting this, I try to maintain healthy relations with all fellow HUMANS whereever I go, I do not care for your race or background, if you're a nice person, good, if you're a bad person, shame, race has no impact on your personality.

**In Conclusion,** Please do not let my fear of aliens & poor sense of humour further limit my ability to communicate with this community, it's one of the few servers I actually enjoy playing for once. I admit that I was wrong in refusing to stop after supposedley being told to, it won't happen again, especially if I actually pay attention to what people are saying instead of attempting to make a shitty joke that maybe 3 people will read.

**Sorry** if this seems rude or anything, I'm just a little annoyed because I thought I did nothing wrong, but understand I might have f*£%ed up.

Appeal accepted. I was hasty with punishment and should’ve given a mute first.