Fale rp and grifeing

IC NAME: Duck Hart
BYOND KEY:MrDuckyton
DATE OF BAN: 2022/04/15

REASON FOR BAN:NORP GAMEPLAY blew up welding fuel for fun griefing on original ship.
the reason i want to get unbanned from shiptest is because its one of my favorite servers and i have read all the rules and i wont think about grifeing ever again and il do proper roleplay now.

This really isn’t convincing. Come back with a vouch from another server.

do u want me to get a server or a friend

A vouch from a server admin.

from this server??

From another server, obviously.

To specify, what this means is you should find another server you enjoy playing on (preferentially MRP/HRP) and put some hours in there. Once you’ve logged a bit of time without an issue, ask the administrators if they can testify to your good behavior to us and we’ll repeal your ban.

would u want me to send to u in discord or smt

Post it here if possible, thanks.