Forumcinum appreciation thread :)

Made a nice forum. Looking a bit like bee forum, but that isn’t a bad thing.


Neither server really changed their forum from the default discourse dark theme, Might change that at a later date, a lot of the assets are just ‘what we had at the time’

Helped me through readying myself for forum duty, and made a nice forum too.


Good forum, could be good to change the theme and such to make it look different from other forums but it works well.

Discourse is ugly and I like pages on forums

But its admin tools kick ass at least.

Ofc with mods its possible to do anything with the engine if one is really high effort.

It has a dark mode and that all matters its very good maybe it can get a fancy background later though would be cool.

This isn’t shiptesting forum, this is bug reporting in style!

Ooh, very pretty so far. Thank you for setting this up!

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