I got a ban and would like to apeal it

COTD Sazabi - Ninjamanct - Banned for NoRp

I just got the game and got Banned for NoRp Behavior. My friends were teaching me what to do so if there is anything I can do or a way to get a second chance it would be apricated.

IC NAME: Mason Troy Adams
BYOND KEY:Ninjamanct
DATE OF BAN: 4/29/22
you get when entering the server

The issue was that you were saying “Big Fat Balls” IC and clearly hadn’t read our rules, then proceeded to ignore your admin ticket.

I am sorry but i do not know what a admin ticket is.

It’s when we contact you in the game to get you to answer questions about your behavior.

I am sincerely sorry I did not see or know this existed also where would I find the rules?

Check our wiki.

after reading is there any way i could get unbanned? and than have 1 more chance? because i was brand new and did not know there was a wiki. If it is a no i than would like to thank you for your time.

Sure. I’ll lift your ban now.

Thank you. I will be sure to follow the rules.