Lamia-class Magery Ship

This map doesn’t have extra data as it was already existent in the repo at the time of the forum’s creation.

ill be honest i both really like and dislike this ship i love its theming and the things liek dice and all has even allowed me to play tabletop rpgs in it! but it has some design flaws and currently isnt useful for much otehr then roleplay. The spiderlings a pretty bad noob trap and alot of the rooms while neat arent very useful even for roleplay, and could just use a bit of a rework to make this ship into more of a legitimate shiptest while still keeping its theming and roleplay potential, cause rihgnt now it just feels like a bunch of gags duct taped together with a wizard theme.

So yeah good theming just needs to be reworked to be more functional doesnt have to be some super efficient strong ship just needs to have all its rooms be functional places, i really already enjoy the roleplay on it its just that places like the webbed up room, the library, the kitchen aree all pretty bad for their purposes or even as roleplay areas and just end up being empty space, even the gaems orom is oftern too small to be used for things without renovating it, and in general the ship could just be made less decrepit.

Generally needs more interesting wizard gear, I feel. It’s normally a fairly underwhelming R&D ship with a bar and decent mining. Maybe a random wand type or random spell book from a curated selection would be more unusual.