Luxembourg-class Delivery Vessel

This map doesn’t have extra data as it was already existent in the repo at the time of the forum’s creation.

This ship is currently one of the most overpowered pieces of shit, having so much fucking gear allow me to give the list.

  • emag
  • blood red hardsuit
  • multiple cham kits which i mean add some armor where you normally wouldnt have any and can be any drip
  • tons of food of course
  • booze and soda dispensers plus emag so dwarves are very covered and you can make a bunch of wacky drinks (ive fucking healed cellular using them)
  • beaker and syringe variety kits giving shit like bluespace beakers and syringes
  • syndi sleeper
  • cargo letting it get a ton of shit
  • a bunch of starting plastitanium to sell
  • really fast and has a fuckton of fuel
  • ripley
  • 3 omni rnd kits
  • a bunch of medkits in every variety
  • gpses meaning its really good for mining being able to rush tendrils and portals and tumors
  • hypospray kit
  • syndicate command armor highly drippy
  • donksoft weapons with riot ammo
  • a ton of boards and restocking kits
  • rpd
  • double extended emergency tank which is actually really fucking good as it means you can use your suit slot for something other then a tank like a gun
  • far too much syndi soap
  • full surgical tools, and blood and iv
  • combat wrench and thicc welders aswell as combat gloves
  • Syndi duffelbag giving a shit ton of space with no slowdown

I still love it though, despite how overpowered it is.

im surprised i dont see it played more often with how OP it is, but hopefully soon that remap of it gets PR’d, it looked pretty good

Despite how strong it is its kinda not too fun to play

Honestly, its a powerful ship but every time I play it its not very fun. I usually avoid playing this ship if I can help it. There’s not a lot of private corners for rp as well, which is what I like personally

Swifter said she was going to remap it herself and she never did, classic swifter