Micolai-Class Exploration Vessel

This map doesn’t have extra data as it was already existent in the repo at the time of the forum’s creation.

For this being a first map of mine for Space Station 13 as a whole, and a ship that was available for a time in Shiptest, I must say that it is a piece of work I’m proud of.
For it being an experiment with Research and Development lacking a protolathe or a derpartmental fabricator and cargo lacking a hold pad, it’s shown how strong both parts are that do not add - from my point of view - to the direction the project’s aiming towards. That of scarcity.
This ship has good things going for it, and mindle among the stronger ships from the roster as a pick.

That said. It is a first map I made, and it was a test of what I could do. But I feel this could get a cut back on aspects to bring it to a reasonable level. Plus a touch up in the design for interior and exterior.