Move verification to forums or turn it off

verification can be a good thing but i feel that with us being a limited uptime server we really shouldnt have a server based verification system, its not even bout the folks who dont verify its just that someone who joins on sunday cannot verify for several days, and i dont really see why we need verification that much?

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Having verification be done through BYOND Ckey is basically for administrative record as far as I know. Not sure if having the forums be a verification source allows us to connect Discord account > Byond account but if it does then yeah, this would be an interesting idea.

Maybe either way i just think that its not a good idea to have a semi restrictive verification process on a limited uptime server, as it doesnt seem to achieve too much while being restrictive. I dunno could make a specific verification server or something people can join to verify when the main server aint up?

Probably not

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