MrAnesthesia Ban Appeal & Admin Complaint

IC NAME: Punished Zane/Zane Perry

BYOND KEY: MrAnesthesia

DATE OF BAN: 2022-07-21 02:18:34


ADMIN BYOND KEY: Retlaw34 & COTD Sazabi

REASON FOR BAN: “No RP behavior, powergaming, and bug abuse.”

YOUR APPEAL: How do you know I had no RP behavior if I literally have not had any interaction with other players yet? How am I powergaming for taking advantage of a mechanic that is in the game that your codebase has not changed despite you KNOWING that it exists? How did I bug abuse for drilling fauna that spawn from tumors when you can FIX that they can’t damage mechs? Nothing I did was breaking the rules, it states nowhere that I was in the wrong for taking advantage of a game mechanic that is not a bug, nor powergaming. My intentions were to sell the goods that I got (as per RP of the Luxembourg a trading vessel.) I would also like to say that you people are very happy to hand out permanent bans for people who don’t hardly do much, even first time offenders. This is ridiculous that I am PERMANENTLY BANNED for not breaking any rules. Calling something a “bug” because you don’t like how the interaction in game works doesn’t make it a bug, it makes it something that should be fixed.

I would also like to add that my name in game got changed because it wasn’t appropriate somehow??? No explanation given the name also has RP lore which I mentioned, but COTD Sazabi didn’t care.

after a period of review, we have chosen to deny your appeal.