Music Sharing Thread

Share music you enjoy listening to here, and no this totally isn’t a way for me to travel for good music to then convert and play on Shiptest what are you talking about.

Personally I recently stumbled upon a track from Death’s Door and think it’s very good. Death's Door OST - 39 - The Old Watchtowers - YouTube

And also just all of the OneShot OST, god Eleventh Hour is so good.


Unironically good song i have reccomended on several occasions and will do again because the world must know about it

Oxygen Ocean from the Heaven Will Be Mine Soundtrack is a favorite of mines to play as an admin.

also you have Oneshot OST music in sheet form? where where where

I mean not all of the OneShot OST but like a decent amount. Do you want actual Sheet form or the form you can play in-game?

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