Open Discussion on Express Console Catalogue

This forum topic is for user suggestions on the cargo catalogue itself, such as what things to add and what needs to be removed (spoiler, a lot). As a quick recap, this topic is linked to the Open Discussion on Express Console Reworking and is based off of two things:

  • Express consoles being split into departments and having access to different catalogue sections based off of that department.
  • The departmentalized express consoles being split into a version that will be found on ships and a version that will be found on outposts.

The first, most important section found in the rework will be the replacement for the “Emergency” section, likely being renamed to the “General” section. This section will contain bare minimum ship supplies such as emergency internals crates, Vox environmental regulators and rations as well as fun things that all crews will want access to such as pizza delivery crates or jukeboxes (this is subject to change, depending on the reaction it gets from people).

The rest of the sections should explain themselves, with the “Engineering” section likely being converted into a reduced mishmash of the “Canisters and Materials”, “Engine Construction” and “Engineering” vanilla sections. A lot of the things from the base engineering section would likely be dispersed amongst other departmental sections like battery crates, jetpacks and plasma PACMANS, while the more extreme orders (such as the ones from Engine Construction) being outpost-only. You wanted to order a supermatter on the planet? Too bad, blame whatever crackhead got his hands on a departmental budget card and bought three of the fuckers for “mining like a real man” (seriously though SMs should not be that easy to get).

And for the last goal, an entirely new “Mining” section to contain goodies for ships like basic mining kits, mesons, explorer suits and other assorted tools. The outpost version of this section will likely have access to things like plasma cutters, mining hardsuits and Ripley building kits (which you currently buy from Engineering, for some reason).

Looking forward to suggestions on this, for I am imperfect and cannot reach true :ECONONY: without your help.

Here are pictures of all of the current catalogue sections and their contents, as well as prices.


Excuse me if I’m wrong but aren’t outposts supposed to replace cargo pads and consoles at some point?

probably dont put biker gang kit in the genera lcatalogue for it contains an atv, i think things such as costumes and mostly flavor sutff like autodrobe and snack machine resupply crates can be general too as its just fun, and i dont see much reason to take out carrgo stuff used for purely rp, same with crab rocket for obvious reasons. I do sort of agree with some of the things here and kinda disagree, i dont like ships being locked into stuff too much such as a ship not being able to do botany or make a funny engine without rnd or finding another sip with that. I would honestly say that outposts would work much better for that kind of thing.

I think if weapons can be split up factionally, that’d be interesting. Only NT ships can buy lasers, only Syndicate ships can buy Stechkins, only Independents can buy Winchesters. That way, if you know you’re fighting a faction of a certain nature, you can make a rough guess at what sort of gear they’ll be packing and armor accordingly, rather than having to blindly guess because any ship with cargo could have any set of weapons.

Not soon and not entirely from what I understand.

I haven’t received much word on what outposts will end up being like but I am just picking what seemed to be the most agreeable solution and rolling with it. If it turns out the leads/maints/derg want it different I will be able to change it pretty easily with this plan.