Open Discussion on Express Console Reworking

This forum topic is for user suggestions on how cargo consoles will be changed on ships and how they will work with outposts. There will be another forum topic on the reworking of the cargo catalogue and the prices of the items available to players, if you have suggestions regarding prices, go there.

The Current Plan:
Currently, the first step is separating the main cargo console which can access all department sections into a wide variety of console types able to fit on a wide variety of ships and outposts. The main idea is that it will be split into several different departmentally based consoles, each having access to only a few sections of the catalogue instead of all of them. There will be one section accessible to all ships, with essentials and emergency supplies.
There will be two categories of these departmental express consoles, a ship express console, that can access a limited list of cargo based on whichever department the console is aligned with, and an outpost express console which can access a wider stock in order to keep ships coming to outposts for scarce goods.

For example, a science ships express console would have access to things like an RPED, tier one and two stock parts crates, tank transfer valves and possibly even a xenobiology starter kit (without a xenobio console board mind you) for a premium. Meanwhile, a science outpost console would have access to things like a bluespace RPED, tier three and tier four parts (expensive, obviously), science hardsuits, and maybe even science RND kits or anomaly cores (also expensive).

Personally, I believe that it should be possible for most ships to have access to some kind of basic cargo without it making the ship obscenely powerful (See: access to the entire armory catalogue). This rework of the consoles themselves would allow for mappers to be more generous with giving cargo to gimmick ships as well as pave the way for outposts and giving them a pretty damn good place in the Space Trucker Gameplay Loop.

Honestly i think agood idea would be to aslo include some kind of faction based catalogue, to differentiate factions more.