Phoaly - Admin Application

Are you over 18?: Yes!

BYOND Key: Phoaly

Discord ID and Tag: SweetBlueSylveon#0700 | 1015678268290125926

Usual IC handle(s): Lily Black, Amelia Grey, Gallium, Nicotiana Rustica

What’s your experience with SS13?: I’ve played SS!3 since January of 2013, I’ve seen the rise and fall of most major servers in that time. Hypatia, Facepunch, Gibbed (Yes I know this is just goon but it’s pre-byond take down). I’ve played Paradise Station the most consistently, I started when it had an average of 20-30 pop, and went back to it on occasion over the years, but most of my playtime on it is in the last few years. Now I mostly play Shiptest, as I dedicate quite a lot of time to the server already.

Any Administrative experience?: Lots! I was a headmin on Genesis and Tri-Gen station (old station that went down a long time ago and had averate 15-25 pop). I was a founding member of the biggest Duelyst discord that boasted 200 members and one of the developers at its height (the game Duelyst is now offline). I had a couple years of game master and admin experience on a server who shall not be named (you know the one). I was also a Stalker 13 Admin and regularly dealt with volatile and unruly griefers and patrons alike, to some good success.

Timezone: Pacific Standard Time.

Availability (How much time can you dedicate to this position?): I already dedicate 10+ hours a week to developing and map maintaining for shiptest. When I do this during uptime, I’m usually online. I can be online for at least 2 uptimes a week for up to 5 hours an uptime or more (this varies).

What’s your motivation for applying?: I want to help Shiptest more. I already Maptain for the server, I have keys to the github and merging, and have written policy and protocol for the server. I’ve organized meetings, helped set standard for submission, and lately with mark’s grace, helping with Ahelps and running events. Events usually fall into one of 2 categories, a gimmick character who goes to individual ship to interact with crew, and larger constructed events of ships or ruins made into levels for players to go to. Being admin also means I can help with uptimes, including unprompted uptimes for testing.

Why do you think you are qualified, and why should we trust you?: I have a lot of experience working with others in a server staff setting. I think my dedication as a Maptainer speaks for that in and of itself. I also believe I have proven my trustworthiness to this staff. While I can be a bit impatient, I know when I need to ask for permission or ask for help, I know who to ping and for what. I know that my ability to word things is rather poor, so I know to run my announcements and more critical pr responses by the staff. The most I’ve ever overstepped my boundaries was making and setting high priority bug reports along with an announcement about it without asking (This was for Docking Port issues). Something that I was extremely sure of and had been dealing with a lot during my position as Maptainer.

What qualities do have that make you valuable as staff member?: I have a temper, I have bias, and I have bad ideas, just like I can be unbiased, evenly tempered, and have good ideas. But I know for certain that I have proved my more unique quality amongst potential admins, I am always the first person to admit my own bias and lack of experience or knowledge in any situation. I am perfectly capable of changing my mind and being convinced, I am perfectly capable of conceding a point, and I’m perfectly capable of knowing when I need to get help and how.

What vision do you have for Shiptest, what do you want it to become in the future?: I want Shiptest to keep its higher RP levels. I want Shiptest to remain fun and allow wiggle room for some jokes and gaffs. I want Shiptest to maintain a culture of appreciating art and game contributions and encouraging it effectively. I also imagine a Shiptest with better balancing coordinated between the members of the maintenance team and general staff input. Admittedly, the Shiptest I’d like to work towards, looks very similar to what we have now. So I’d like to help keep it thriving.

After speaking with one of the headmins and leads I’d like to address the 2 primary concerns brought up to me.

  1. Bias
    I’ve been very up front and honest about my bias. There is a user or 2 in the community I’ve expressed a dislike of to a point of bias. I believe my words were “Yeah I’m definitely biased against that person.” I’ve been honest with staff chat because I feel that I should be extremely transparent in my position of accepting and denying PR’s. However, during this incident, I also went out of my way to ask others to respond to their PR’s, and ran anything I said on their PR’s past the rest of the staff team. I haven’t denied or accepted anything out of bias, and I’ve very explicitly made decisions in spite of my bias in favor of good practice and better judgement. Any time I make a decision or action that involves someone I have bias towards, I am open and cautious in doing so. I really feel like this should color any judgement against this application, as I believe I’ve shown in spades my ability to act rationally and keep my bias in check.

  2. You’re already maptainer, you’re needed to keep productive in that role, and accepting you as admin could hurt that.
    I’m already an extremely active maptainer. I’ve had 3 ships, 5 ruins, and a major change to maps as a whole (the map cut) already under my belt. Not to mention a hell of a lot of PR reviews, and the multiple instances of policy and procedure I’ve written for the server.

    (all these are shiptest contributions)

While I understand the fear that I may dip in activity from being both an admin and a maptainer, I must attest that this isn’t something the staff needs to worry about. Burnout is not something I plan to let catch up to me in regards to my contributions to shiptest. I’ve taken 1 break already to get away from PR’s and focus on work and school, which has resulted in me being refreshed enough to get right back into it. Not to mention that for better or worse, I’ve basically already been doing the job of admin serverside alongside being maptainer anyway. Answering basic ahelps, helping with the occasional SGT, crew wipe, and running events that our players have seemed to enjoy all around. I don’t feel that making that an official duty would actually make that much more of an impact.

With all this said, I’m also keen to when I have too much on my plate, and I value Maptaining quite a bit. If having both really became such a conflict, I would be willing to step down from an admin role to focus on maptainer duties. Although I don’t particularly feel this to be a likely situation to happen.

If either my bias or my ability to do both roles is a point of contention for my acceptance, I’d like to ask for a chance to prove it as Trialmin.