Pill-class Disappointment

Removed map that is believed to merit some level of discussion.


Standard Pill-Class

Ah yeah, the pill
Created as a joke in collaboration with swifter, I don’t think this was ever meant to be played, other than to put “sussy bakas on” but it was put in the swifter map pack.

Surprisingly, for being a shitty joke, it revealed how much fun zero to hero mechanics are in shiptest, and the “hanging on a thread” feeling, overcoming great odds.

Unfortunately, it didn’t attract the best types of players late in it’s lifespan, was unique in how it didn’t have a holopad or wide band, the current issue of docking ports, and surprising amount of demand for removal got this removed from rotation, making it admin only as it should have been from the start.

The Sugarcube is a spiritual successor, and makes more sense as its a group of prisoners that stole a labor shuttle and blasted out with almost no equipment. But I think there’s still a lot of lessons that could be learned from the pill. Thoughts?

Also worth noting that the Pill removal was partially responsible for the creation of a BYOS-class as well.

still pissed the 2x2 tablet never managed to work before pill died

i think i have a way for getting 2x1 to work, i have a pill c thats 2x1 but the map file is 3x1 one tile is empty

The Sugarcube is a far less egregious example of the pill’s design, sure, the major issues with the pill were it’s disposability and the fact that they did tend to clog up docking points, as they were in function one shot suicide vessels that either grew, or died trying.

They also flagrantly violated the idea that ships should NEVER start in a state that players cannot build to without bug exploitation.

I think the larger scale issues caused by the pill mainly weren’t inherent to the pill, but just that the pill exacerbated issues already present in the gameplay loop(obtaining piles upon piles of “gamer loot” purely for the sake of obtaining it, and at the active detriment of all else,) since the pill cut away almost all other possible gameplay.

maybe pill class torture device or something was a bad thing and didnt work but emergency escape pod that lands to a random planet or that tries to find and dock someone others ship with auto pilot would be fun to play like some kind of survivor before you wait for someone to pick you up

I actually have this made, I just need to get a fuel port object i made to work properly