Rapotor Class Exparimental Reseach Vessel

A 41x28 Vessel.
First time mapping so its going to be a little bit of a mess.

Wanting a bit of feedback on what do add or remove. While Outposts are not added in yet I’m debating making a Outpost version of this instead/As well.

Science is likely too big, layouts are very weird and I will likely have to remove many items/things to make it more balanced and fun. SM is overkill but is stable and very very easy to recover, if a bit complicated. Most walls inside are windows and might be changed. The option to Plasma fire the ‘Critter containment’ XenoBio is an interesting addition as lasers can get past the containment field.

Note; i know a bunch of stuff is missing or i’m more wanting to know the big stuff that is needed or should likely be removed

This ship looks a bit strong, you should tone it down quite a bit, it looks farf more like a squished down station then a ship right now, this would probably be better as an outpost or with significant nerfs.

what kind of nerfs are required for a fun ship? I have everything for it to be a self sufficient vessel, and so im not sure what to really take out

You may not want it to be self-sufficient. Most ships don’t have botany AND xenobio AND an SM AND robotics AND nanites AND a fully stocked medbay AND an AI AND cargo AND tons of mining tools. My advice? Take that list, and cut four of those qualities. Hell, maybe even five. Right now, this ship is more powerful than like 90% of our ships by a LONG shot.