Rds88 - Mentor Application

DISCLAIMER: There’s not really a mentor application format so I just retooled the admin one. I don’t know if you even have mentorcode, but it shows up under staffwho so I can only hope.

Are you over 18?:

Discord ID and Tag:

Usual IC handle(s):

What’s your experience with SS13?:
I have an unhealthy amount of hours on Bee, with some goon experience and spotty experience in other servers. I am approaching 150 living hours on shiptest

Any Administrative Mentoring experience?:
I am a mentor on bee, and have been for longer than I can remember

Is this really relevant, I think it’s GMT+1 but I can’t be bothered to look it up

Availability (How much time can you dedicate to this position?):
Whenever I’m on, usually during the early hours of all uptimes.

What’s your motivation for applying?:
I keep answering questions in OOC and getting those questions in mentorhelps would mean less spam for everyone but me.

Why do you think you are qualified, and why should we trust you?:
I’ve been a mentor on bee for over 2000 hours, and I think I’ve adapted well to shiptest. Also, I’m not certain mentors get that many permissions, so you shouldn’t trust me. Don’t. I don’t want to be an admin.

What qualities do have that make you valuable as staff member?:
Vast knowledge about a niche indie game from 2003 and a willingness to teach people who want to learn said knowledge.

Why aren’t you applying as an admin?:
I find positions of even minor power immensely stressful and it would drain all my enjoyment from the game.

Additional Notes:
Mentor moment