Recoherent - Admin Application

Are you over 18?:


Discord ID and Tag:

Usual IC handle(s):
Metaphor 0xFF, Telluric Gaze

What’s your experience with SS13?:
Been playing for about a year and a half. Around 200 combined hours on /tg/ Manuel and Aurorastation, obviously time on Shiptest.

Any Administrative experience?:
With SS13, no. Most of my general experience with things is along the lines of a moderator, as opposed to an active game maintainer.


Availability (How much time can you dedicate to this position?):
I’m always available very late night around the end of all of the current uptimes, and usually pretty available throughout the day. This applies for pretty much the entire week, though currently I am more available on weekdays.

What’s your motivation for applying?:
I really, really enjoy the community that Shiptest has accumulated, and I want to help make sure it stays as welcoming as it can be. Plus, I’d like to assist with bearing the administrative load as the server expands.

Why do you think you are qualified, and why should we trust you?:
I moderate for a few other small communities and consider myself relatively good at solving chat-adjacent problems swiftly. Though I am more along the lines of unexperienced, I’m more than willing to learn all I need to as rapidly as possible. Trust, though, is pretty subjective, isn’t it? I’m moderately active in the discord and play on the server as frequently as I can manage, and I don’t think anyone hates me? I don’t have bans from anything on any record? I’m starting to actively contribute to the wiki?

What qualities do have that make you valuable as staff member?:
I try to keep up with everything in the community and maintain my general availability at a moment’s notice. As with most candidates, assumedly, I believe I’m good at handling issues with a close-to objective viewpoint. I can do code diving for in-game questions and fixes if nobody more experienced is able to, as well.

What vision do you have for Shiptest, what do you want it to become in the future?:
Shiptest is a great platform for roleplay, and I love how the format makes it easier for everyone playing to not feel overwhelmed by a hundred people playing at once. I would love to see it continue to develop past this and gain more options to interact with the other ships around, until it truly feels like a living solar system rather than just your small group and an endless series of dungeons. More intership interaction is obviously difficult but I believe in the coders, and I’m excited for outposts!