Retlaw34-Bobby Billy Boy - Why was i banned?

IC NAME: I don’t remember
BYOND KEY: Bobby Billy Boy
DATE OF BAN: It is displaying a different account for some reason

ADMIN BYOND KEY: The admin who banned you
REASON FOR BAN: I have a different ban message on this account, it doesn’t display my ckey.

YOUR APPEAL: I really miss Shiptest, I miss the community and how this was like the only server where the admins weren’t pedophiles. I am banned from many servers, I believe it’s most of them. I hate using alts and I do think I have learned from what I have done due to the length of time I have been banned. I am genuinely sorry for my actions that may have ruined the round for others. I have grown more conscience of other people playing, they are not just little ai guys running around, they are all players who waste hours of their life playing rounds of this game. And me killing them can ruin this for others. Like I said before, I would love another chance, and if this ban appeal is denied, I would completely understand. If you do decide to give me another chance on the station, I would greatly appreciate it and spend the rest of my spessman time following the posted rules on the server.
My additional information
I know I have an extensive ban history, but I would really love to start changing that. Alting is stupid and makes life harder for admins and coders. Please take this into consideration.

I’m going to say no considering that I just banned you today, and your latest ban from another server was 15 days ago. Try applying again when more time has passed.