Secretlymaybeocelot Rummyrin Ban Appeal

IC NAME: Lolly Gurglesnax (I think?)
BYOND KEY: Rummyrin
DATE OF BAN: 8/24/2022

ADMIN BYOND KEY: Secretlymaybeocelot
REASON FOR BAN: Accident or not, you clearly didn’t read any of the rules at all. NSFW and slurs in character flavor text.

YOUR APPEAL: Well I didn’t even get a warning or explanation like it says I should in the rules. I did sort of soup of the character instantly for the server by copy-pasting some shitpost flavortext I had from another server. I believe the flavor text would fall under the “Joke” that the rules warn about. I had forgot what server I was on and I likely won’t make this mistake again. Especially when I offered to change my flavor text. I had the idea of what the gist of the rules were when told them by a friend, and I wasn’t planning on testing those rules all too much.

Explain your situation as to why the ban is wrongly placed or otherwise not justified
For the case of dogwhistles and slurs which one may not find offensive, we will not exact a real punishment but instead warn the offender.
From what I read here it seems this server would normally just give a warning instead of a weeklong ban.
So if this gets me to read the rules for the gotcha, there you go.

As the banning admin, here’s my side on things.

First off, this part here:

may need a rewording in the rules, because it exists so that we don’t ban people if they use a dogwhistle or slur on accident, without originally knowing that it is one- one they’ve been told it is one, they don’t have an excuse. I’ll go ahead and change that in a bit.

Second, I don’t actually believe that you didn’t know that this would be something that wouldn’t get you in trouble. It’s… pretty obvious, from the fact that your flavor text was basically nothing but a single-letter replacement of the hard R, twice, and a pornographic description of your character. It should be basically common sense to check what kind of place a server is before seeing if you can do something like that? Common sense enough that being forced to take a week off seems more than fair. Generally for things like this we just perma, anyways.

Honestly no I don’t find that fair, as mistakes do happen and I did genuinely copy-paste this from another server that I had this “joke” flavor text from.

"A common buxom ligg, with big ligg* tiddies and an ass that could set off a car alarm if she bumps into it."*

I don’t think you should need to defend yourself in my own ban appeal, and I don’t think the prosecutor should involved alongside judgment. You should do that with the other admins not slinging things at me like it’s some open circus trial. I understand this is your forum, and that may be how you do things here but what you’re doing is assuming my intentions. I will take this week-long ban, you got me to thoroughly read the server rules, and I really don’t think anything will change. As again, this was in fact a mistake. I considered cryo-ing and re-entering my flavor text the moment someone pointed it out to me, but I figured I could just ask an admin once one gets their way around to it.
This is just a major inconvenience for me and my friends, which is the main reason I made this appeal.
I think the only thing this really does is make me feel like I’m walking on eggshells. I understand a zero-tolerance approach to something, but now I feel like I’ll be under the ire of admins watching every step I take. I imagine that’s not the case, however your words sound like you’re holding back from hitting me even harder.
It’s a neet concept for a server though.

Hello. On further consideration with the staff team, your defense of utilizing slurs and NSFW content boiling down to ‘I thought the joke wouldn’t be an issue here’ is not the sort of thing we want in our community. Ban has been extended to permanent.

That wasn’t the intention of what I said by joke. As in it was a joke somewhere else, I did not think it would be a joke that would fly here. It’s unfortunate that has been upgraded to a permanent ban, but that’s fine.