SHIPTEXTRP - Discussion Thread

Hey everyone!
I’m going to be GMing ShipTextRP on this forum, a forum-based text-based RP with the setting being the lore of Shiptest! The players will be crewing a ship in a system out in a frontier system, landing on planets, surviving, gathering resources, and just generally testing ships!

No RP happens in this topic. This is for any and all OOC talk about the RP before it starts and after it starts. Please keep it that way. At the same time, once I make the actual RP topic, it will contain the rules as the first post, set up the setting in the first two after that, and then contain all RP. Again, keep the RP topic RP posts only, keep this one OOC only. No ick ock, no ock ick!

First thing’s first: For now, everyone playing will be crewing the same ship. One of a class that doesn’t exist in actual Shiptest, which I will make up for this RP. The main thing is - our ship needs a name. So, give ideas in this thread and vote on them! Please only vote on name ideas if you plan to take part in the RP!

If you plan to take part in the RP, please DM me on Discord @coleminerman#2687. This isn’t required, I just want to know information about the character you’re going to play as so that as the GM I can make events that will fit with the character. I don’t need the full backstory or anything, just personality and what their relations are with the different in-lore factions like SolGov, Nanotrasen and the Syndicate.

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By the way, nobody make the RP topic please - let me do that so that things go easier. I’ll be making the topic for RP in about 6-7 hours from now, when my classes end. The ship name will be decided from the options and votes presented before then.

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Named idea: SV Suffering And Misery
will be playing dimitri giovanni just crazy russian dwarf who does funny shit for shits and giggles

SV Indominable. The british had good luck with these kinds of names, surely we will too.
also im…not sure if im playing Tayaya or Pyrausta.

ISV Hicular Manslaughter

Stella Nova. The Limoncello. Markium Sidus. also i will be playing

SGSV Kingdom For A Horse

The votes are in! ISV Limoncello is the winner! Making the RP thread now!

Testing something I’m sure the RP people would like

@discobot roll 3d6

:game_die: 5, 2, 3

is this dead?