This is the IC RP thread for ShipTextRP! Only IC RP posts in here please!

Here is a brief summary of the rules:

What can you do? Anything that you can do in ShipTest (the game), and anything you can reasonably do in real life but for whatever reason isn’t in the code! Just make sure you have the resources to do it first, you can’t apply a burn patch if you have no burn patches. The ship’s inventory and everything else will be listed in the first post by me, and edited to update it any time it changes. I trust you, the players, to keep track of your own. You start with anything your role would typically start with, as well as clothing of your choice (but keep it to stuff that isn’t armor or space suits).

NPC controlling: This RP has a pretty simple rule about this. You control your own character. In order to make sure things go smoothly based on how the RP is styled, players can also control any NPC simplemobs that are stated to be in-play by the GM. I trust you all enough to do that. Just note that the GM must indicate they are present in order for you to control them. IE, the players can control simplemobs, but the GM controls the spawning. Sentients like NPC humans can only be controlled by the GM unless specifically stated otherwise by them. Players can obviously not control each others’ characters.

Skill Checks and Combat: When doing something that requires skill or effort, or trying to land a hit in combat, players must roll dice to determine the outcome. It is quite simple, really. When taking an action like that, @ the GM either on the Shiptest Discord server or the OOC forum thread. The GM will then take several factors into account, such as difficulty of the task, skill of the character, and any forces working for or against them. The GM will then tell the player, based on that, what type of dice to roll and how high they must roll to succeed. The player will use the Shiptest Discord server’s bot to do this. Simply type in “?dice [number of dice]d[type of dice]”, and the bot will roll for you.

PVP/E: You don’t need to ask the GM for permission to hurt or kill an NPC. However, other player characters are more plot-important. If you plan on hurting or killing another PC for any reason, ask the player in the OOC thread or Discord and get their consent first. Hitting someone and giving them a bruise doesn’t need consent, but killing them permanently or taking off an arm does.

RP Style:

Posts will be made in the following format, please make all RP posts in this format:

[Character Name], [Crew Role] - [Room/Location], [Ship/Station/Planet Name]

[Text of what you say and do]

Special lettering format:

“Quotation marks denote dialogue”

Unmarked text denotes action

Italics text denotes your internal monologue, what you think but do not say or do

“; Quotation marks including the typical SS13 radio channel beginning markers means you use that channel”

Example Post:

John Doe, Engineer - Engineering, ISV Critical Mass

I think I set up the supermatter correctly.

John put his hands on his hips and proudly smiled at his SM setup.

“; The SM is set up!”

This format of posting encourages longer posts than what most people may be used to in Discord based text RP, and also allows for us to post at times when not everyone is available, at the cost of going at a slower pace. If this doesn’t work out we can change at any time, though let’s try this format for now.

If you wish to join after the RP has already started, please DM @coleminerman#2687 on Discord for clearance first, it will make my life a LOT easier!



This RP takes place within the Alpha Polaris solar system, out in the Frontier sector, just beyond the edges of SolGov space. It is a single-starred system with 5 planets, one of them being a gas giant with several planet-sized moons. The system is split into two parts, the Outer Planets and the Inner Planets, by a natural phenomena known colloquially as “The Veil”, a collection of thick ion storms, electrical storms, and asteroid fields that completely surround the star. While light from the star pierces the veil, the phenomena blocks most ship sensors from piercing it and getting a read on what is inside. The area within the storm on the star’s side is apparently just as calm as outside of it, according to the reports of ships that have braved the dangerous journey through The Veil and managed to return. The reports of these ships are also how information on the planets within is available despite the sensor block.

The following is a list of planetary bodies and known points of interest, in order of distance from the star, the closest being first.

Alpha Polaris I:

Lavaland planet. Rich with resources. Nanotrasen attempted to set up several mining colonies, but all were abandoned after the cost of their cargo ships crossing The Veil constantly proved to be a net loss of lives, and, more importantly to them, money. As a result, the world is still mostly unexploited. A primitive Classical-Level (Ancient Greece / Rome tech level) society of mutated Sarathi commonly known as “Ashwalkers” (found on other lava worlds throughout the sector for so far unknown reasons) is known to reside on the planet, and be hostile to outsiders.

Alpha Polaris II:

Continental planet, covered in oceans of water with a few distinct continents. Within the habitable zone of the system. Multiple biomes, mostly jungle. Atmosphere is survivable to most races, including humans. Gravity is equal to that of Earth. While the perfect location for a colony, no attempts to colonize the planet have been made due to The Veil.

Alpha Polaris III:

Sandy planet. Also within the habitable zone of the system, but the atmosphere is unbreathable by any known race. Terraforming into a habitable world is possible, but such an endeavor would take several years with the current technology level, and The Veil has caused all attempts to do so to fail. Strange EM readings have been detected from the surface, but all ships which have investigated them have disappeared.

The Veil:

This is the location of The Veil. Scroll up for more information about it.

Alpha Polaris IV:

Gas Giant. High amount of plasma in the atmosphere, and as a result Nanotrasen has a large scale gas collecting operation in place in the upper atmosphere. Has 5 planet-sized moons, all rock planets, all containing Nanotrasen mining colonies. Unknown but quite large amount of asteroid-sized moons in orbit as well.


Modified Delta-Class Nanotrasen Space Station. In orbit around Alpha Polaris IV. Serves as a hub for the mining colonies and gas collection stations in and around Alpha Polaris IV and its moons. Modifications include 8 massive plasma gas tanks attached to the communications spire beneath the station to hold the massive amount of gas collected from the gas giant, a massive spaceship harbor and visitor center as a major trade route runs by the system and many ships traveling the route use the station for refueling along the way, and two ship repair bays which can be used by Nanotrasen crews for free, and unaffiliated crews for a large price.

ISS Hammer’s Rest:

A derelict Hammerhead-Class Cruiser that was discovered and converted into a space station by a human explorer named James Richards. The Hammer’s Rest now serves as a trading station run by Richards on the edge of the system, and also offers refueling and repairs for ships that dock with it, for a price. The Hammer’s Rest offers lower-quality wares and services than NTSS-AP1, however it isn’t owned by Nanotrasen, which in and of itself is enough for many potential customers. There are, however, rumors that Richards has shady connections, with some linking him with different parts of the Syndicate. None of these rumors have ever been proven, however what is known is that Richards offers his services to pirates and criminals just as much as he offers them to law-abiding citizens, which does turn some people away.

Alpha Polaris V:

Small ice planet. Furthest planet from the star, smaller than even some of Alpha Polaris IV’s moons. A Nanotrasen mining operation stripped the planet of all useful surface resources and was then abandoned years ago. Since then the world has served as a haven for smugglers and pirates, covered in old Nanotrasen ruins and under the radar of almost every major faction.


ISV Limoncello

The ISV Limoncello is a brand-new, top of the line, high-tech Corvette-Class Exploration Vessel guaranteed to get you through the worst of situations! At least, that’s what the dealer told you lot when you bought it. In reality it looks like a retrofitted Nebula-Class Civilian Transport that was heavily modified to make it up-to-spec with more modern ship designs. Still, the old, now-out-of-production Nebulas were famous for their reliability, breaking down extremely rarely even in the worst of conditions. They weren’t really known for excelling anywhere else, but look on the bright side! Anyways, you managed to get it at a bargain price so that certainly helped.


(All ship classes, both Shiptest canon and made up for this RP, have been given proper ship-to-ship weaponry by me for the purposes of making things more interesting.)

Anti-Ship Railgun (x1): The Railgun is an extremely common anti-ship weapon found just about anywhere. The powerful projectile fired by it can puncture most types of armor, but takes so long to aim and reload/recharge that it is practically useless against small, fast targets, instead being more effective against actual ships. This specific railgun is bolted into the bow of the ship rather than being on a turret, meaning that to aim the gun you have to move the whole ship, and point the bow straight at the target.

PDW Minigun Turrets (x2): PDW turrets of all kinds, be it laser, chaingun, or some other kind, are incredibly important and found on just about every kind of ship or station you can think of. While useless against actual ship armor, PDWs are designed to target incoming missiles, asteroids, and hostile individuals in EVA suits, taking them out before they get too close. They are entirely designed around being a defensive weapon, rather than actually being used for offense. This ship has two bolted onto opposite sides of the ship to ensure maximum coverage, one on the port side and one on the starboard side. They have a full 360* turning radius. They have basic AI allowing them to automatically target anything they are designed to shoot at, but can also be overrode and controlled remotely by consoles on the bridge.

Ship Rooms and Inventory of Each Room:

(Basically the inventory of the ship, plus a list of what rooms the ship has.)

Captain’s Locker (x1, includes everything a Captain’s Locker does by default)
Navigation Console (x1)
Weapons Control Console (x2)
Wideband Radio Console (x1)
Crew Suit Sensors Tracker Console (x1)
Communication Holopad (x1)

Surgery Table (x1)
Surgery Console (x1)
Defibrillator (x1)
Foldable Stretcher (x1)
NanoMed Plus (x1, fully stocked)
Blood Cooler (x1, 2 packs of each type of blood)
Health Scanner (x2)
Brute Treatment Kit (x2)
Burn Treatment Kid (x2)
Surgery Duffel Bag (x1, contains full set of surgery tools)
IV Drip (x1)
Sink (x1)

Crew Quarters / Kitchen:
Cryo Chamber (x2)
Beds (x3)
Microwave (x1)
Ingredients Box (x1, includes several of each kind of ingredient rather than listing them all out because if I try to we’ll be here forever)
Food Processor (x1)
Grinder (x1)
Booze-O-Mat (x1, fully stocked)
Dinnerware Vendor (x1, fully stocked)
Donk Pockets 10-Pack (x2)
Sink (x1)

Engineering Hardsuit (x2, in Suit Storage Units)
Cell Charger (x1)
YouTool (x1, fully stocked)
Mechanical Toolbox (x2, fully stocked)
Electrical Toolbox (x2, fully stocked)
Insulated Gloves (x2)
Fuel Tank (x1, full)
Water Tank (x1, full)
Portable Air Scrubber (x1)
Portable Air Pump (x1)
O2 Canister (x1, full)
Gas Canister (x1, empty)
Pressure Tank (Plasma) (x1, full)
Tank Dispenser (x1, contains 10 full O2 tanks, 10 full plasma tanks)
PacMan Generator (x3)
Power Storage Unit (x2)
Atmos Setup (x1, don’t expect me to go really in detail with what parts are in this, it’s just a basic setup)
Plasma Thruster (x4)
Ion Thruster (x4)
Fire Axe (x1)

Cargo Bay:
Autolathe (x1)
Metal Sheet (x100)
Glass Sheet (x100)
Mop (x1)
Bucket (x1)
Cleanbot (x1, turned off)
Computer Board - Core R&D Console (x1)
Machine Board - R&D Server (x1)
Machine Board - Protolathe (x1)
Machine Board - Circuit Imprinter (x1)
Machine Board - Destructive Analyzer (x1)
Railgun Ammunition (x10 rounds)
PDW Minigun Ammunition (x20 boxes of rounds, each box contains at least 1,000 bullets but the things chew through ammo so fast a single box will be gone in no time in any actual engagement, so I’m counting them like this)
Flashlight (x5)
Station-Bounced Radio (x4)

Security Office:
Armor Vest (x1)
Helmet (x1)
Energy Gun (x1)
Disabler (x1)
Stun Baton (x1)
Handcuffs (x2)

ORM (x1) (Plasma Sheets x17)
Frontier Equipment Vendor (x1)
Mining Hardsuit (x2, in Suit Storage Units)
GPS (x3)
Pickaxe (x3)
Manual Mining Scanner (x3)
Mining Satchel (x3)
PKA (x1)


ISV Limoncello, Deep Space, Alpha Polaris System

Reality folds in on itself as the ISV Limoncello completes its bluespace jump into the Alpha Polaris system. The ship had recently been purchased by the current crew from a slightly shady dealer. The crew pooled together most of their remaining money to purchase the ship, hoping to make that much back and more by striking it rich out in the Frontier sector by collecting and selling research data and mined resources. After purchasing the ship and making sure that it was fully fueled up, the crew set the autopilot to take them to the Alpha Polaris system, which was said to be rich with unexploited resources for them to, well, exploit. As soon as the autopilot was set, the crew entered cryosleep to wait out the week-long journey, that long even while using a travel method as fast as Bluespace.

Having reached the indicated destination, the autopilot disengages, and sends an automated signal to wake the crew from cryosleep. Now drifting aimlessly in deep space at the edge of the system, the ISV Limoncello waits for its crew to emerge from cryo.

A voice emerges from one of the pods.

“I’m not getting up first. One of you do it.”

Crew Quarters, ISV Limoncello

The cryopod makes a hissing noise as it unseals, the pneumatics engaging and freeing the inhabitant. They take their time as they sit up and sluggishly climb out of their cryonic bed. Not much of a morning person…

The mothperson, now awake (enough), flaps her wings as she stretches. She’s wearing a white tank top and black athletic shorts.

She looks around for the cryopod control console. Once she finds it, she retrieves two bags, one a satchel full of her belongings, and another a duffel bag full of her equipment.

Crew Quarters, ISV Limoncello

The pod adjacent from the last makes a muffled thud, repeated a couple of times. From what you can see of the green-tinted silhouette, this person is pretty big. Clearly they’re not trying their hardest to escape. A gruff voice speaks out:

“Whoever’s moving around out there, can you give me a hand? The window’s locked in place, the release button should be on the bottom. Don’t wanna break this precious piece of equipment.”

Crew Quarters, ISV Limoncello

The moth stares at nothing in particular, bags in her hands, the words slowly registering for her.


She sets down the duffel bag and opens up her satchel, retrieving a black leather jacket and a black baseball cap and puts them on. She walks over to the cryopod and looks for the release button, pressing it.

Crew Quarters, ISV Limoncello

The button clicks effortlessly, meaning the cryopod was already unlocked! It’s too late as the window glides open and releases a thick bellow of fog. In an instant, towering over you, is a man who absolutely does not work out. His face is plastered with a gargoyle expression, and he’s holding his hands over his head like a pair of two claws. From underneath this display sprouts an unkempt beard, slick with condensation.


“How’s your morning?”

You recognize this man as your new coworker and chemist, Barry “Iceman” Brantford.

Crew Quarters, ISV Limoncello

You recognize the short moth with black wings as Luminata Executus, currently acting as the ship’s naturalist. She raises her head and makes eye contact with you, staring for a bit before speaking.

“I need coffee.”

Crew Quarters, ISV Limoncello

Iceman drops the pose, assuming a more relaxed slump as he clambers out of the cryopod. He mutters as he checks his belt, bag, and headset.

That explains the tough crowd. I’ll give the kitchen a once-over, but I can’t guarantee coffee. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t stocked for this flight.”

He runs a sleeve over his beard, erasing the last few drops of water. The other arm is occupied haphazardly rifling through the various closets and cupboards in the dorms.

“You’re the xenoflora wunderkind. Maybe our next spot has some sort of caffeine-producing crystal structure, eh?”

[Dimitri Giovanni], [Shaft Miner] - [Crew Quarters], [ISV Limoncello]

The cryopod seems to slowly open as a short dwarf in a shaft miner jumpsuit with red hair rolls out of it. “That was a good nap, havent rested that peacefully in a while, do need a drink however.”

Dimitri scurries over to the kitchen hopping over the table like the little gremlin that he is, taking out two bottles of magmale from the boozeomat and a space beer then getting a large bottle throwing em together for some manly dorf, and grindnig a random ingredient from the ingredients box without looking into the grinder grinding it into the bottle for good luck. (ill let the gm decide what this ends up being)

Munching down on a potato from the ingredients box and taking a swig from the bottle, then going over to the rest of the awake crew.

“I have awoken and acquired my beverage of choice, so what you all up to and where are we taking this ship? I have a strong desire to exploit planets for their natural resources without any care for the consequences it may bring.” Dimitri asks while chowing down on the potato he took from the kitchen.

Crew Quarters, ISV Limoncello, Tayayaahkkikaehkehkki

A different cryopod starts creaking open, hissing and straining until the glass swings open with a pop. A large beak is the first to emerge, followed by the head. It let’s out a short trill before emerging fully. The resulting figure is bulky and quite large, covered in a thick layer of feathers around their torso. Recognizable as a Vox…or not, depending on what you know, it huffs and speaks

“Ah, greetings. I am Tayayaahkkikaehkehkki, and you two are…?”

The bird-dinosaur-creature-thing speaks it’s entire name without effort or breaks. They wear a bright red jumpsuit and appropriate gear for a security guard. It’s easy to guess how they got the job.

Crew Quarters, ISV Limoncello, Barry "Iceman" Brantford

“Good to meet you, Taya- Hey, I was trying open that! Who’s this dwarf think he is?”

Barry steps back from the scene Dimitri is creating in the kitchen with a lighthearted chuckle. Christ. He’s cleaning that up later, right?
Turning to face Tayayahkkikaehkehkki, he assumes a more formal posture, idly tugging at his ID.

“I’m Barry. You can just call me that, alright? The other one’s Ms. Executus. Doctor Executus maybe? I’m not familiar with the credentials. As for the dwarf, I have no idea who that is.”

He extends a hand, clearly anticipating a shake.

[Dimitri Giovanni], [Shaft Miner] - [Crew Quarters], [ISV Limoncello]

Dimitri while the others speak finishes consuming his potato does a flip and moves to engineering, turning up the engines and putting 2 plasma sheets in each pacman for that will probably be enough for now and wrenching em down and turning em on, pocketing 1 plasma sheet and chucking the rest into the orm.

Next he does a flip and roll and a swig of the flask to the cargo bay chucking in the metal and glass into the lathe and printing out a tray and a set of tools and cable,aswell as getting a m ini extinguisher for the inevitable fires loading up the welder on the fuel tank and the extinguisher on the water tank and grabbing a radio. Speaking on the radio. ;“Anyone else got radios?”

Coming over to mining finally and grabbing his gps, pka and scanner, putting the scanner and his knife in his boots.

Once dimitri got everything he hops over to the three other lads and says excitedly. “Ight lads i am prepared now, whats our plan of action for this expedition, what planets we visiting first, what goods we producing. I got the engines and power setup so we should be good to go as soon as we decide where to go.”

Luminata Executus (Naturalist), Crew Quarters, ISV Limoncello

Luminata is clearly still not completely awake.

“Dimitri, did you see any coffee grounds when you went into the kitchen?”

She looks around at her fellow crew. I should probably introduce myself…

“I am Luminata, but you all can just call me Lumi. I’m here to act as your medical officer, and to study xenoflora, yes Brantford.”

“Good work on setting everything up for us by the way, Dimitri. The captain will be happy to know everything is taken care of… once they wake up, of course.”

[Dimitri Giovanni], [Shaft Miner] - [Crew Quarters], [ISV Limoncello]
Dimitri replies to being asked about the coffe grounds

“While there isnt any regular coffee or coffee grounds the boozeomat does have 5 bottles of coffee liqueur. So yes it is possible to become more awake, at the cost of drunkenness. Good to have you though, a medical officer is quite required considering the mortality rate for expeditions in this sector.”

Luminata Executus (Naturalist), Crew Quarters, ISV Limoncello

Luminata groans melodramatically.

“No coffee. Great. I’m going to go find somewhere private because I’ll probably blow up on someone if I’m bothered in the next few hours.”

She leaves the room and heads to Medbay, lying down on a patient’s bed.

Crew Quarters, ISV Limoncello, Tayayaahkkikaehkehkki

The Vox nods, tilting their head. They read the ID card and hmph

“A simple name, I will take it.”

Tayaya stares at the open hand for a few seconds, before remembering human culture and reaching forward, gripping Barry’s hand in a strong grip and shaking it eagerly. They decide to not question the dwarf just yet. Meanwhile, they nod at Luminata

“I see. For your…convenience, I am fine with being called “Tayaya”, since most people cannot pronounce my full name”

Crew Quarters, [ISV Limoncello]

The cryopod lets out another all to familiar hiss, claws pushing the pod door up as a pale lilac sarathi sits up from it, blinking groggily.

She didn’t seem to struggle with the doors as much as some others. The sarathi is dressed in a paramedic’s uniform, with a purple plaid dress barely peaking out of the big navy and white jacket. Scars interrupt the flow of her scales, although they seem old and long healed. The most curious is her left arm, which ends at around the middle of her upper arm. The nub is scarred heavily and somewhat disfigured, showing signs that whatever took it was not clean nor careful.

She would get up and dust herself up, stretching out and letting out a yawn as her fins flared out, and retrieving a old prosthetic, rolling a sock up over the nub and fitting the prosthetic on snuggly.

Her ID is pinned to her uniform, reading “Seldom-She-Speaks - Search and Rescue Technician”

She gives a small wave to the others in the room and sheepishly grins, looking smaller then the rest in the crew quarters, other then the Miner.