The Unban Appeal

Server Ban

IC NAME: Ami The Third
BYOND KEY: Dottonecioni
DATE OF BAN: 2022-05-04 18:23:57

REASON FOR BAN: Shitting up OOC, bigotry
YOUR APPEAL: I am not a bigot. In fact, I don’t remember saying anything about gender
or sexuality other than telling a man to suck my dick OOC, which I would like to extend
my apologies for. Frankly, I was there to play with a friend of mine and the OOC banter
was mostly aimed at them. I feel like the claim of me being a “bigot” is unjustified and
without true foundation. Matter of fact, I can scientifically and factually prove tha
t I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and would have no reason make bigoted
remarks otherwise. My friends can also tell you that I am an eccentric and outspoken,
but also friendly and outgoing person. Most of the offensive and “”“bigoted”"" comments
I make (which I don’t really make any in the first place), are for comedic value and
not intended to hurt anyone personally.

for some reason the UI cropped out 90% of the paragraph i wrote specifically for this ban appeal


The reference to “bigotry” in your appeal was the following:
[2022-05-04 18:05:26.364] OOC: Dottonecioni/(Dottonecioni) “suck my ddick retard” (start area (8, 174, 1))
(sourced from admin logs)

We have a zero-tolerance policy for ableist language and (seeming) attacks on other players. It is often very difficult for administrators to parse banter from genuine OOC attacks on other players. Given your very little playtime here and your genuine appeal (although I must confess I am uncertain as to how one may “scientifically” prove their sexuality, as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community myself…), we will be shortening your ban to a few days with the understanding that you will read our rules in greater detail before playing again. Are you satisfied with this conclusion?

That works for me. I’ll see you in a few days.

Also, can I be unbanned from the discord?

dotto #5868