Thgvr - Admin Application

Are you over 18?:


Discord ID and Tag:
thgvr#0646, 458104867240804353

Usual IC handle(s):
Sudie-Rava, TOSSUP

What’s your experience with SS13?:
Various servers over a very long time. Notably: ~3k hours tgstation Manuel, ~2k hours Colonial Marines, and ~300 of Shiptest.

Any Administrative experience?:
Around three months administration in SS13, with much much older ticket systems/admin tooling. I’m decently versed in using VV and other common admin tools, and I have an okay understanding of code and how the game works.


Availability (How much time can you dedicate to this position?):
I am generally available during uptimes for 3-5 hours at the least, special cases withstanding.

What’s your motivation for applying?:
I enjoy shiptest, and I enjoy the people I’ve met here. I want to make sure others can feel the same way, be this administration or contributing to the codebase itself.

Why do you think you are qualified, and why should we trust you?:
I’m a quick learner, active in the community, play regularly, and I believe I have an understanding of the rules and what is expected here.

What qualities do have that make you valuable as staff member?:
I generally remain available due to my schedule, and I want to take a more active part in the community. I have an understanding of what is required for an admin and general ticket etiquette.

What vision do you have for Shiptest, what do you want it to become in the future?:
Shiptest offers the kind of gameplay I desire from SS13 - small scale in a larger world with a survival and roleplay focus. Ship interaction is another thing I value and I have a lot of ideas on that. I want to contribute in any ways I am able to improve this experience - be it playing, moderating, or contributing.

auto-accepted for being a lizard main