We now have a forum!

Due to multiple reasons involving a lack of faith in discord’s technical stability and issues with our existing tools in some spaces, (The ticket bot…) we now have a forum, available at https://forums.shiptest.net (It’s actually been there for a few days now)

The primary responsibilities taken over by the forum are as follows:

* Structured Discussions
    > Ban Appeals
    > Staff Complaints
    > Map Feedback

* 'Reserve' Discussion location
    > If discord explodes, we'll actually have a way to get in contact.

We still expect that the majority of discussion will take place on the discord, rather than the forum, which is intended to serve primarily as a record-keeping and ‘oh shit discord melted’ discussion system.

We eventually plan to integrate wiki sign-on into this system as well.


holy shit a fourm! we canm uh do forum things?

Shouldn’t you have pinged for this?

A sick image of a capybara to celebrate the new forums.

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when the test is shipping


better mailslot

Wow its a discourse forum pog

I have pinged everyone regarding the arrival of our forums.




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