What ships need some love?

What ships do you think have a good idea but are executed poorly? or have a nice layout but some other issues? or are just generally outdated and need a fixer upper?

in short tell me which ships need an update, why they need an update and preferably some ideas on how

  • Solar class: This ship was added early on into shiptest, and it shows. It was based on a full station-sized ship map that I made, adapted by someone else (who did a good job at the time, but again, this was nearly a year ago it was made.) I’ve wanted to give it more love myself, but… I don’t have the time. (Full render of the station map it was based off found in this PR.)
  • Tartarus class: Very cool, sleek, unique looking design, but it feels lacking in some essentials. Also some people have complained about the waste of space, but personally I like the runway. Up to consideration
  • The untouched whiteships: They’re classics, but they deffos need some touch-ups. Just some modernisation and decoration?
  • Skipper class: I made this map long ago, I still love the design but it definitely needs some smoothing out. Up-to-date machinery and decals would be nice.

this reminded me to finally give the midway some work