Wright-class Anything Vessel

This map doesn’t have extra data as it was already existent in the repo at the time of the forum’s creation.

They wanted to remove the wright and said id be given a forum for protesting its removal so i will treat this as it. @Francinum

The wright from my experience is a truly beautiful shiptest, while it doesnt have much in practical equipment it in itself is an adventure and a showcase of nonstandard shipbuilding, while it may on the surface seem like a mess with no solution it simply requires you to inspire your creativity.

The wright in a world where ships are meaningless dumps of equipment and rooms with maybe the occasionally funny plushie or such the wright is an adventure. A beautiful mess that while not providing gear provides Fun something that ships often lack.

The wright has many sources of such fun, from the adventure of making your autolathe from bits scattered across the ship having to even disassemble machines to finish it, to having all the toys in the game and a huge amount of costumes and character customization equipment, to the jukebox and piano to play music with. To just all the stuff you can use to just sit back, have fun, roleplay with and play with without much care.

I honestly do believe its not fair to remove such a ship providing limitless oppurtunities for roleplay and enjoyment just because it at first glance looks like a meme with no sense, you simply have no imagination if you just dismiss it as such and remove it for that. While yes it was originally made because of a joke it is much more then that and fills a nieche no other ship really does, a nieche of theather roleplay and play.

This i must say is one of my favorite shiptests and i hope it does not get removed.

As designer of the Wright, the main point I will concede to it’s critics is that yeah, it’s layout is awful and I designed it with “gimmick” in mind and not “ship” in mind. Otherwise, considering Ace Attorney is near and dear to me and this was just a very fun little stupid ship to make, I am vehemently opposed to removing this. Ultra makes a great point in the ship’s roleplay opportunities and while yes, a lack of resources can make getting fuel and getting around difficult, the ship should not be scrapped for such things.

Two points:

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever seen the Wright-class get used for 90% of its starting equipment, it primarily fills the role of a mining/fucking around ship.

  2. If we wanted to make a miscellaneous funship, we could make one far better than this with a bit more of a pointed design.


  1. thats kind of a people problem? if they want to use the ship with the bare minimum of basic gear and a shit ton of roleplaying gear and toys instead of an actual ship meant for that thats kinda their issue, its a ship that often gets thrown out because its not easy to understand at first glance but it really shouldnt be scrapped because of that.

  2. we could but several points there, design it first before scrapping the one we have already. And a less pointed design like the wright has does in fact add more fun and adventure to the ship, everything isnt clear and it shouldnt be clear just fuck around have fun and roleplay. I feel weve gotten a bit too serious there just enjoy it?

I feel that, generally speaking, a ship for which a significant portion of the design/RP is being a Lawyer (when trials are even more non-existent than on stations because of our design themes and player expectations) is flawed from the start. I think before we can have a ship where their primary interaction with another vessel in any non-memeish way is Lawyering it up, we need to have…well, law. Or at least some frontier justice ground rules and a way of enforcing them without admin intervention.

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I think you really misunderstand there lad, the ship while being based off a lawyer joke isnt about lawyering? its about being a fun messy toolbox of toys and tools to just have fun with, and an adventure within the lawyer stuff is simply a gag?